Cluedo Slot Bonus Features


Let us be honest; the only reason people play slot machines, is because they stand a fighting chance of getting to a bonus round. Bonus rounds on slot machines are extremely rewarding in comparison to a lot of other games, and that is certainly evident with the Cluedo slot machine.

The main bonus round here is the “Who Won It” bonus round. To get here, players have to simply collect three of the symbols on a pay line that is currently active. It is an unfortunate reality that a lot of the pay lines that are not active might get these symbols, but these will not count and this will not push a player towards the bonus round.

Remember; the only symbols that can be collected here are the “Who Won It” ones. This means that the likes of the News Paper symbol will not substitute to make the winning combination and push a player into this bonus round.

As soon as a player enters the bonus round, they will be faced with a range of different possible winnings. A magnifying glass will hover over multiple amounts of cash prizes and eventually will stop on the amount that the player is about to be rewarded.

cluedoslot-_bonusround1.jpgThis bonus round will produce a range of three different offers. After all the offers have been produced a player can accept or decline the offer. Of course, trying again could mean getting a lot more cash, but in the same token, it could mean getting a lot less as well – is it a risk you are willing to take?

Here is the main thing that players need to bear in mind; only two offers can be declined. The offers will fluctuate and if a player declines two offers in a row, they will be left with the third and final offer, which could be a huge cash prize, or basically nothing!

The bonus round is extremely exciting, so players find that it finishes as quickly as it starts! As soon as it does finish, players will return to the screen that shows the normal game play. All the winnings that were collected from the bonus round will be added to their balance to make an accumulated total and they will carry on with the regular game.

Cluedo Slot

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