How to Play the Cluedo Slot


For players to be successful using online slot machines, they need to understand exactly how they work. A lot of players that get involved with these games do not understand the mechanics of it, so they soon find themselves getting into trouble and losing their entire allocated bank roll.

Luckily for players using the Cluedo slot, this is not likely to happen, mainly due to the fact that it is extremely easy to use. Better still; players can get to grips with the game by using the free play feature until they feel like they are comfortable with the real money game play.

Using the Cluedo slot machine is a lot easier than a lot of player expect. As previously mentioned there are a range of line combinations to bet. Players need to simply click the amount of credit they want to bet and on how many lines. This will automatically show the player how much the total amount of credit they will be better on each spin, so they can calculate how many spins they have.

Adjusting the pay lines is something players need to get used to. Some players like to bet more credits on fewer lines, where as some players find they win more by better few credits on more lines. A lot of the game play is down to personal preference, so take this into account.

That being said, some players like to bet the maximum credits on all pay lines. To do this, a player needs to have a balance of 75 credits or more, as this is how much it will cost. Simply hit the bet maximum button and the slot machine will do all the work for the player.

Once all of the above has been executed, there is not a lot left for a player to do. Simply hit the spin button and start playing. The slot will spin the 5 reels and hopefully, winning combinations will start landing, allowing the player to take home potentially a huge prize!

Remember, IGT has developed this slot machine with a range of players in mind. It does not matter whether they are completely new to online slots, or have been playing them for years. New players will experience the rush of winning cash online, where as experienced players will be intrigued to keep playing thanks to the interactive and exciting game play.

Cluedo Slot

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