Cluedo Slot Symbols

Symbols are an extremely integral part of the game play on all slot machines. Generally the symbols account for a lot of the winnings, as they can be chopped and changed to form winning combinations. This slot machine is certainly no different, in a way that the symbols play a significant role in just how much a player wins on any given spin.

Cluedo features quite a lot of different symbols. Some will help players step towards a bonus round, where as others will substitute in combinations to create a winner and give players a prize. Whilst there are a lot of symbols in this game, there is only really one main one.

The most important symbol in this game is certainly the Wild Symbol, which comes in the form of a News Paper. This symbol will allow players to win big, by substituting most other symbols to help create these winning combinations.

One or more of these symbols can have extremely positive effects on the game play. In fact, these can create or form winning combinations and pay out big prizes, not to mention they help players to get to the bonus rounds.

Of course, like most slot machines, the main symbol does not always substitute for every other symbol in the game. This is certainly the case here, as the News Paper symbol will not substitute for a “Who Won It” symbol. These symbols are needed to get onto the bonus round and need to be collected by a player separately.

Here is the only bad thing about this slot machine; not all winnings will be paid out to a player. Some players will find themselves lucky enough to win multiple times on one pay line. Obviously this would create a ridiculous amount of winnings, which will not be awarded.

Instead, the developers will only pay out players one combination per pay line. This is quite unfortunate, but players are lucky in a way that the highest combination on a winning pay line will be the prize that is paid out. These are usually fairly substantial anyway, so help to increase player’s bank rolls extremely quickly.

Cluedo Slot

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